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Indian food is one of the most tastiest cuisine in the world and I being an Indian myself (who absolutely loves it btw) decided to make this blog and introduce the cuisine to more and more people. I post pictures of delicious Indian food.

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Premirs Peppercorn Paneer Tikka Wrap


The Inspiration:

So after a chilled winter break I got myself back in the kitchen this weekend and produced two lovely dishes for you to fix your eyes on! 

After having a really poor experience at a local Indian restaurant, I was ever more determined to see how hard it can be to get the ‘paneer tikka’ right, obviously with the Premirs take on it.

The Ingredients:

So, to get me started I began by preparing the key piece to this dish; the marinade. The marinade is where all the flavour comes from and pretty much makes or breaks the dish.


I kept the marinade simple; I mixed yoghurt with garlic, ginger, lemon, chillies, black peppercorns and an array of Indian spices from my mum’s spice box!

The key to getting the texture for the paneer right is to have the inside soft and the outside crispy. To do this I steamed the paneer first so it was soft, and then I marinated the paneer, tomatoes, onions and green peppers. Ideally this should be left overnight so all the flavour can be soaked up, or at least for a good few hours.


Whilst I was waiting for the paneer and vegetables, I began prepping the garlic and coriander flat bread. To do this I mixed and kneaded together plain flour, salt, olive oil, fresh garlic and coriander with warm water, yes it’s as simple as that. With a little extra effort the flatbread made fresh tastes a million times better than what you can buy from the supermarket.



Last but not least, I made mango chutney to help sweeten the spicy kick from the black peppercorns and fresh chillies!

The Premirs Premier Touch:

Since I don’t have a tandoor oven at home I some how needed to cook the paneer and vegetables so it would have the taste as if it was made in a tandoor oven.

After some Premier thinking and testing in order to give the ingredients the desired ‘tikka effect’ I cooked them including the flatbread on a ‘tawa’ which is an iron frying pan usually made to make dosas or chapattis.




To serve the wrap I topped the cooked ingredients with the excess marinade which makes a perfect sauce and a generous spreading of the mango chutney.




The Verdict:

In very simple words and a learning lesson for me, “perfect without the endless black peppercorns!”

So I guess if I was to make this again I will be taking the ‘peppercorn’ out of the name!

Calcutta Cravings (Part 4)


This is the fourth post in an ongoing feature highlighting the food scene in Kolkata. We’ve shared some of the best Mughlai food in Kolkata, heritage restaurants on Park Street and few places to try Bengali cuisine. This time we’ll look at one of the city’s favourite street food — (Kati) Rolls.

Over the years Delhi has seen a growing number of street vendors selling over-spiced stuffing wrapped inside fried paper-thin flour rotis. Althought they are portrayed to be Kolkata Rolls, none of them do justice to what is perhaps the most popular fast food in Kolkata.

Kolkata has a hole-in-a-wall roll outlet every few hundred yards. Most of them typically offer a menu of about 20-odd varieties. While the vegetarian choices are limited to just veg, potato or paneer roll, non-vegetarians usually have a much larger set of options with different combinations of chicken, mutton, or fish with one (or two) eggs. The rolls are usually made using thick porottas (similar to laccha paranthas) that are made from flour and are fried in oil. It’s quite fun to observe seasoned hands neatly lining up the porottas on a flat surface, and then swiftly placing the stuffing, sprinkling some sauteed onion and capsicum, chopped chillies, sauces, savoury masala (chat masala) and adding a dash of lemon before rolling them up inside blotting paper.


Nizam’s in New Market are supposedly the inventors of Kati Rolls and are well known for their beef rolls. They have two restaurants next to one another and serve beef in the one named “Moghul Garden”. The ambience is neither inviting nor hygienic but don’t let that stop you from indulging in their beef rolls. The restaurant isn’t air conditioned and can get quite hot inside during summers.

Damages: Beef Roll @ Rs. 18

Nizam’s, New Market, Kolkata, West Bengal — Location

Dhaba Restaurant

Dhaba on Ballygunge Circular Road sports a prominent red coloured board. The meat in their Mutton Roll, unlike other roll vendors, is cooked to a near-mushy form with ginger-garlic and flavouring spices like ajwain. They charge a premium over other roll vendors in town, but the size and taste makes it worth the price.

Mutton Roll

Damages: Mutton Roll @ Rs. 40

Dhaba Restaurant, Ballygunge Phari, Kolkata, West Bengal — Location

Zeeshan, Park Circus

Zeeshan is a fully established Mughlai restaurant at Park Circus. They serve rolls at their snacks counter which is located slightly off the main entrance of their restaurant. Their culinary skill as a Mughlai restaurant results in some excellent Mutton Tikias (similar to Galauti Kebab in form and texture). These tikias mashed and stuffed inside soft _ porottas_ make excellent Mutton Tikia Rolls, perhaps the best in town.

Mutton Tikias

Damages: Double Mutton Tikia Roll @ Rs. 29

Zeeshan, Park Circus, Kolkata, West Bengal — Location


Daal Ke Pakode


Do I need to explain? Pakore in cold weather. #desi #pakore #indian #food #punjab (Taken with Instagram)


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Traditional food #Haleem and #nan


#Haleem & coke


Hyderabadi Haleem

Come Ramzan and you get you hear about this dish day in and day out. The demand for this dish in the month of Ramadan is so humangous that it’s exported to about 50+ countries!!

Various sections of people organize Haleem walkathons either as a part of foodies meets or as a pleasure hangouts with friends and family.

There are always these must try places for Haleem that the season feels incomplete even if one is missed. So here we give you a list of famous restaurants and outlets for haleem that one must not miss if you are in Hyderabad.

  1. Astoria
  2. Cafe 555
  3. Cafe Bahaar
  4. Green Park
  5. Paradise
  6. Pista House
  7. Point Pleasant
  8. Sarvi
  9. Shadab
  10. Shah Ghouse

Do let us know what you think of Haleems this season and which outlets you find it the best.

Pic credits: Foodaholix


The other day I tried making haleem
Tbh I don’t really know how it’s supposed to look, perhaps not this thick… But it still tasted gooood