Khao, peeyo, aish karo!

Indian food is one of the most tastiest cuisine in the world and I being an Indian myself (who absolutely loves it btw) decided to make this blog and introduce the cuisine to more and more people. I post pictures of delicious Indian food.

Always feel free to ask questions/submit pictures! But I request you to go through the FAQ before.

drooling over indian food


Veg Keema Matar made with soya granules, peas and paneer and other typical ingredients - A perfect dish that goes well with any Indian bread.

Here is the recipe


Easy Homemade Tandoori Chicken


Shahi Paneer, Corn Masala with Kali Daal - what a meal!! Yummiest paneer ever prepared by N, goes well with Rumaali Roti or Tandoori Paratha.


Chicken Curry and Rice


have i mentioned how much i love Naan too?


I had Indian food for the very first time yesterday!! It was so good!!!! What have I been doing with my life before Indian food????? We got Samosas (left) for an appetizer and then I got mushroom chicken curry with naan.


Parsi Chicken Burgers and Bengali Fish Fry Sandwiches from Chai Pani.


Veggie pakora with coconut chutney
From Varanasi.



Dal aur Besan ka Chilla (lentil pancakes) with lots of green chillies. Enjoy this as a quick snack with cilantro chutney.